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Unlock Next-Gen Real Estate Solutions

with AI-Powered Features

Butler Management System ("BMS") boasts a suite of customisable features specifically crafted to address industry pain points. From tailored settings to maximum impact, we've got you covered.

Unleashing Next-Gen Features

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AI Inquiry Ticketing

Seamlessly capture chat conversations (e.g., WhatsApp) to generate work order tickets with summaries, categories, and team assignments. Enjoy smart reminders, notifications, and escalation processes for efficient ticket management.

AI Suggested Next Steps

Enable new team members to access past tickets, ranked by high ratings, for reference. They can then suggest replies and next steps, streamlining the process for managers based on actions taken in the past tickets, autonomously guiding staffs for enhanced results

Image AI Extraction & Verification

Form extraction.png

Instantly digitize forms with a snap. Our real-time AI analysis provides immediate guidance on missing details, while seamlessly transferring data to the management system. Enhance your team's workflows with unmatched efficiency and accuracy

Image & Video AI Inspection


Effortlessly assess maintenance completion with just an image or video. Ensure tasks meet company standards while eliminating tedious manual checks. Save time and boost productivity with cutting-edge property management technology

AI Sentiment Analysis

Leverage AI to analyze conversations and provide analytics on sentiment changes over time. Senior management can gain insights into the impact of managerial actions

AI Defects Ticketing

Automatically capture chat conversations (e.g., WhatsApp) to create defect order tickets with summaries, categories, and team assignments. Benefit from smart reminders, notifications, and escalation processes for streamlined defect handling.

AI-Enhanced Leads Management

Effortlessly capture lead cycle details from chats like WhatsApp to evaluate conversion potential. Our system offers guidance on lead capture, optimizing resources for high-converting leads

Dynamic Chat Content Flow

Tailor chat flows on platforms such as WhatsApp with dynamic content, easily updated via our BMS system. Keep tenants, leads, and residents informed with the latest information, personalized just for them

AI -Powered Dynamic Chat Assistant
(FAQ - two way) 

Our advanced Chat Assistant model, customized for real estate, employs reinforcement learning for ongoing enhancement and precise responses to common queries. With an easy document upload feature, our AI learns from user feedback, delivering preferred answers in a chat format

Broadcast Message (AI Chat Assistant - One way)

Stay ahead with intelligent broadcasts - Keep everyone informed through targeted estate updates delivered via Smart Broadcast Notifications. Enjoy smart reminders, seamless actions (e.g., event RSVPs, survey links), and direct integration within the chat interface. Also, our AI can capture one-way notifications from public sources such as weather stations or traffic data.

Unlock Insights with AI Business Intelligence

Our AI analyzes your insights, generating powerful reports that connect every BMS feature. Gain valuable insights on efficiency, productivity, and customer trends for significant operational improvements

Streamlined Package & Visitor Management

Effectively track packages and visitors via chat platforms like WhatsApp, seamlessly synced with BMS. With hardware integration, enhance operational efficiency and user experiences effortlessly

Invoice & Fee Management

Experience hassle-free invoice and fee management with AI-driven generation for management or leasing fees. Get instant mobile chat reminders (e.g., WhatsApp) sent directly to end-users, complete with actionable message points like reminders before deadlines and easy online payment options

Streamlined Facility & Service Bookings

Effortlessly manage building facilities and services with our dynamic booking system. We also integrate trusted third-party vendors for selected properties, elevating tenant and resident experiences



Supercharge Operations & Personalised 

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